Playing fantasy cricket teaches discipline!


It all started even before India gained its independence. The seeds were down, and it grew like a tree. 

We are talking about Cricket, which is considered a religion stronger than the hundreds we have. Here the players are heroes, and the one who performs exceptionally achieves the ‘ Demi-God ‘ status. Nowadays, matches do run on till the final delivery in the shortened versions. Even the extended version known as Test Cricket is in for nail-biting finishes! 

If not a billion, millions enjoy our Cricket mainly on Television but fail to see the next level as a spectator. And that next level is Fantasy Cricket! 

The passage below would explain fantasy cricket, the benefits arising from it, etc. .in a straightforward way. 

1. Fantasy cricket – Explained.

It is an existing thought process in you that creatively converts itself. You are expected to create a virtual team, which consists of real cricket players performing activities around the world. 

Points are awarded based on such players performing for example in an IPL match which would be later converted into an IPL game earning app

If you have chosen the best virtual team and perform admirably, they are rewarded with top points, making you the winner. 

The Formats: 

The fantasy game has all. You are never short of options as you can choose from the three most popular formats the T20, ODI, and Test Cricket. You can choose to play it as an ICC international tournament or a domestic one. When ir comes to domestic, the IPL money earning app is one of the best.

Many think it’s sheer luck, but an insight into it will tell you it’s a primary skill. One needs to know in-depth about the game. To beat the odds, a little research is required to determine a sure victory. For this purpose, the IPL money earning app gives you an analysis of matches in the past, Player statistics, etc. These should be taken into consideration for you to win cash prizes and the IPL game earns money.

Benefits of playing Fantasy Cricket: 

It’s a fact everyone cannot enter the field and play Cricket. Online games satisfy the person’s enthusiasm as they are filled with entertainment, and one can reap rich cash prizes if they know how to play it right! 

On the other hand, the user or fantasy game player has numerous benefits apart from the prizes. They are 

1. Knowledge enhancement; 

When one gets involved with fantasy cricket, they would be learning a lot about the game, which would not be possible otherwise. They would study the skills of the players, learn how to strategize as they play. Thus the understanding is naturally developed.

2. Control & Liberty: 

The user has total control over the match being played online. The liberty to choose players, pitch conditions, strategy to be adopted is flexible, and the control is exercised the way they think is best.

3. Skill- Set: 

The user needs to know Cricket etc., to better his chances at winning. But, this is not mandatory as they have to apply more strategies than skill, and for that, even a partial understanding is enough. It develops with time and experience too.

4. Best of the two worlds! 

You can enjoy watching live Cricket as well as playing fantasy games simultaneously. This might better your chances to win, and the entire match can be replayed for analysis later.

5. It is realistic! 

The feeling that you are playing a real game of Cricket while playing a fantasy game is immense. The reason is that you have designed this game before, and all the players are included at your desire.

6. Even a boring match becomes lively! 

There is no doubt that specific matches awaken boredom, but the thrill adds excitement to the user by playing Fantasy games. 

The user is bound to add some interesting bits to the game and gets engrossed with the proceedings. 

7. Time management bettered! 

Since fantasy games are prone to more action than expected, skill is called for time management. The better the time management is, success becomes a surety. 

Such good habits are bound to spill over onto the practical life of the virtual game player, which would be effective in the long run.

9. Helps escape mundane life. 

Life is not exciting 365 days a year, and boredom is bound to strike. The virtual world holds excitement as you get to meet your cricketers who make you escape that boredom. The daily routine is due for a change, and excitement creeps back. 

11. Social Circle extended: 

Some shy people are generally called Introverts, and others love making new friends and are known as extroverts. 

Virtual gaming brings together these two groups of people on a common platform. The Introverts lose their identity and adapt to new friends, which extends into real life. 

Through such interaction, the Social circle expands and helps out in practical life as your contacts develop exponentially. 

12. Makes one a better decision-maker: 

Fantasy games call for decision-making in seconds, if not minutes. The brain has to use the skill set you possess and decide on the next step. Such decision-making goes a long way in your practical life, which would yield success. 

13. Data turns into insights:

Data is available for practically everything. Fantasy cricket also involves information that must be interpreted in the most thoughtful way to yield results for you. Better the interpretation, the higher are the chances of success. 

Such analysis takes place every day in our regular life, and if you use the same skills you used in the fantasy game before, the through-put would be better than before. 

14. Result oriented: 

Fantasy games are result-oriented. It does not take into account whether issues are other interferences that disrupt a typical match.

Therefore, there is a certainty about the match yielding a result. 

The ‘ if’s and Buts’ ‘ do exist in our real life too. But if one applies the gaming process of certainty, it would leave no stone unturned.

Conclusion: Fantasy cricket has a host of benefits like IPL game earn money, as enumerated above. It has psychological advantages and material and cash benefits, but it helps and guides us to become better individuals in life.

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