Theft of Credit or Debit Cards

Fraud with credit cards is a kind of identity theft. Since the card’s details may be used to conduct further identity theft offences, it can have far-reaching consequences When a victim’s credit card or bank account is stolen and someone uses the signature on the back of the card to establish a new account in the victim’s name, the perpetrator may gain the information they need to open further accounts. You should inquire whether the merchant is approving a charge with several swipes. Perhaps the card reader is taking a snapshot of data from the magnetic strip and saving it for later use. If the site isn’t validated, don’t use your credit card. In the right-hand corner of the browser status bar, be sure that a lock is shown. Do not buy anything on the website if there is none. When using a mobile phone, it is not suggested to give away your credit card details (or any other sensitive information). There is no guarantee that your communication will be overheard. When making purchases, think about using a pre-paid credit card. Only the money on the card will be at risk, not your identity. 

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When you use a credit or debit card, this might happen. You’re credit card information is stolen when a gadget that scans your credit card’s magnetic strip on the back and records your code digits to another electronic storage device is used to steal your information. This gives the criminal the ability to create a clone of your credit card and use it to make unlawful transactions. Many methods exist for skimming, such as an ATM recording device or a salesperson who uses a digital card reader to steal your credit or debit cards without your knowledge.

Your credit reports should be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid skimming. Discover whether your identity has been stolen and used to access your bank accounts and obtain new lines of credit in your name by doing these checks.

To learn more about credit reports, visit the Preventing Identity Theft web page and click on Review Your Credit Reports.

Use cash instead than credit whenever possible. In order to avoid any potential responsibility or loss of identity, use a pre-paid credit card, such as Visa or MasterCard. We can also help you out, if you are ابتزاز الكتروني المغرب, just contact us.


In order to get more sensitive information, such as a credit card number or social security number, a thief may pretextually do research on your personal information. The scammer will contact you on the phone and convince you that they need this information for a legitimate firm. People prefer to trust them since they know their name, address and phone number.

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