iMind: Your Own Way To Achieve Success

The issue of internal communication is now more important than ever. Unusual working conditions are not a reason to stop the usual business processes. Host flyers, workshops, online product demonstrations for clients, or business meetings via video. Schedule online conferences and create virtual meeting rooms without extra clicks. Use all the tools to get your message across to colleagues. 

It is very easy to start using iMind, despite the fact that most of the processes can be customized, and some can be automated. The security of use is carried out due to the wide possibilities of administration: pre-moderation of chat messages, if necessary, unique ticket links. Just make the first step and provide online meeting on

Who is Eligible For a Trial License?

This platform provides a trial license for use depending on the subject. The first option aligns, that business subjects can utilize this app. It is relevant, if a person wants to try iMind in order to have a chat for business, understand the platform and its functions for further use in the team. 

As for the second option, it states that it is possible to utilize this platform for personal use and also – for a short period of time. If a user wants to make a video call online for personal purposes, iMind will be the most suitable variant.

What is Included in a Free Trial Subscription?

Free trial subscription in terms of the iMind app includes several main issues. These are the following:

  • maximum amount of participants connected to the meeting;
  • being a conference head;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • GB of space for documents and recording meetings on the cloud drive.

However, thanks to a free subscription, you will be able to get the so-called test period. Moreover, you will be able to understand what are the main features of this platform and you will definitely be able to take advantage of its benefits. 

Available Diapason of the Functions

This application provides unique opportunities for your convenient use and holding affordable and high-quality conferences. It is possible to spot the next main features:

  • stay connected from anywhere – use your phone or tablet to join the video conference;
  • simultaneous screen sharing – accompany your speech with a visual demonstration of what you are talking about;
  • record and share – organize a video conference and record it for those who were unable to attend;
  • board with co-authoring – focus on certain areas of the image, conduct brainstorms and edit the board together with colleagues. 

It is possible to say that this is not the whole list of what this application provides. It is extremely attractive and will always be convenient for both your business and everyday communication. 

In Consequence…

This platform provides a lot of benefits that help in providing effective meetings. In addition, you will be able to receive even the specific subtleties in use. By utilizing this application once, it will be difficult to move to another stage, less good. 

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